formed by two friends who share a love for a decent glass of red, Pinot Days introduces fellow wine lovers to the best wine around.

We get it. The world of wine can be overwhelming and intimidating, whether it’s the terminology (tannins, anyone?), the different grapes, the fancy decanters, or even knowing which bottle of wine is going to be worth your hard-earned dollars.

Pinot Days is here to simplify it, giving you everything you need to know in a down-to-earth way that’s as refreshing as an icy glass of rosé on a hot summer’s day. As well as serving up easy to understand answers to all your burning wine questions, we hunt down the best wine so you can quickly buy and enjoy your next delicious drop. 

Pinot Days marks the end of disappointing wine, promise.

partners in wine

Sarah Idle
co-founder, editor

Sarah is a Pinot Days co-founder and editor, responsible for putting all our words about wine together. A digital writer and marketer by trade and a wine drinker by passion, it wasn’t too much of a stretch to move into the world of online wine.

She firmly believes in making wine enjoyable and accessible for all, with no need for confusing terminology, only buying second-hand books, and that the 90s are 10 years ago.

Daniel Adams
co-founder, designer

Daniel is the co-founder and design lead for Pinot Days. A self-proclaimed generalist, he splits his time between a multitude of activities trying to justify the years spent obtaining his degrees in Psychology, Finance and Economics.

He has an intimate understanding of presenting content that engages readers and performs strongly in organic search.

chief culture officer

We’ll be honest: Fergus doesn’t contribute much in the way of work. But his happy-go-lucky nature, over-enthusiastic licks, commitment to getting all the attention, and general disregard for personal space and workplace appropriateness is a daily source of inspiration for us all.

it's our shout

Although we’re motivated by the love of good wine, that (alas!) doesn’t pay the bills. We want to be as transparent as a crisp glass of sauvignon blanc, so here’s how we make money.

We care about many things: decent wine, the perfect cheese pairing, and credibility. That’s why every single one of our guides is backed by hours of research. So that you can read and use these guides for free (and to keep our team well-stocked with wine), we partner with affiliates and advertisers. These partnerships make us money through links on our website.

What does this look like? Well, some affiliates pay us for sending them new customers. Others pay us for ads on our website. If you love our content and buy something in one of our guides, we might be paid for that.

But we never let our partnerships affect the honesty of our content. We choose our wine picks from things like our own tasting notes and insights from industry insiders - not on whether we’re affiliated with a wine. We might place links at certain points within a guide, but this in no way impacts on our rating or review of the wine. Full disclosure: to avoid bias towards affiliated wine, our editorial team has no idea of our partnerships (sorry team). This means they’re not influenced by our affiliations when picking our recommended wines. They simply take pride in well-researched reviews.

If Pinot Days is helpful for you, you can support us by buying wine through on-page links - and we’ll send a whole heap of feel good vibes your way. If you’d rather sidestep any affiliate links, head straight to the brand’s website or your favourite search engine instead. No hard feelings, honest.

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